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Door Hoods

Stylish Protection From Natures Elements

A door hood is an awning that is found over the door of a home or business. Not only can door hoods make a decorative statement about the building they adorn, but they also provide protection from the elements – like rain, snow, and even the sun -- as you enter and leave your residence or business.

Some features of our door canopies:

  • Heavy extruded mill finish framework, with reinforced center mullion(s) on all sides.
  • Built-in front rain gutter.
  • 2 coat baked on finish for lasting performance.
  • Available in many custom sizes and colors.
  • Optional vented side-wings fully enclose canopy while allowing upward winds to escape.


Sunscape offers door hoods in various styles made of either aluminum or fabric.  Not only do door overhangs offer you protection but all or our door hoods can be created to add additional charm and beauty to any entrance of your home or business. 

Contact the representatives at Sunscape and find out how we can help your Long Island NY home or business today!